A talking Business Card for Marketing: Stellar Concepts offers Video Business Card Service

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Since its inception in 1997, Stellar Concepts and Design has been providing marketing, printing, website design, over 350,000 promotional products, various kinds of innovative and effective advertising campaigns and a complete Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) services for over 10,000 clients nationwide.

Stellar Concepts prides in itself for understanding the technological web-environment and constantly adapting it to bring out the innovative marketing tools for the clients who are always in a track to expand business. And, with the recently addedVideo Business Card Service to their existing regular business cards service, Stellar only proves to be expanding wider and faster.

A Video Business Card is an exciting new marketing tool. It is a combination of a TV commercial and a business card; the two pillars of marketing.

Interestingly, Video Business Cards have emerged as a latest buzz in the e-Business world. On the one hand, a lagging economy is making some of the big companies go for cost-cuttings while on the other, the small and medium businesses are leaving no stones unturned to go for new marketing tools; a Video Business Card for that matter.

 „Sometimes you get only one chance to make a first and lasting impression. Apparently, in this fast and furious world of Internet that is certainly the case. When as large as 1,463,632,361 people are on internet, a Video Business Card on web absolutely makes sense. A dynamic, creative and an engaging video business card is a perfect way to inject personality into your sales page and help customers put a face with a name. The studies on Memory Retention have reported that an average person retains less than 10% of what he ‘sees or hears‘ and over 50% of what he ‘sees and hears‘,“ remarks Anthony Giudice, Stellar Concepts and Design president and founder.

Statistics show that the sales can be increased by 2.5% for every 2,000 cards that are handed out. Apparently, a well designed or digitized business card carries at least 10 times higher prospect than a traditional card.

„The potential customers expect you to have a business card if you are a serious business person. Business cards are the most important marketing tool. The Stellar team is happy to have printed thousands of creative business cards for our clients and help them promote their business. Expanding our wings even wider than before with lots of marketing options, we offer Video Business Cards service in addition to the regular business cards services.  A Video Business Card gives an opportunity to meet and greet the potential customers and build a platform for business relations.“ Giudice informs.

About Stellar Concepts and Design:

 One stop shop for online marketing, SEO, SERM, promotional products, video websites and designs and many more. Stellar offers active Affiliate Marketing program, 10 % of the purchase amount, http://affiliates.stellarconcepts.com/Login.aspx

 For more information on Stellar Concept’s scope of services, visit http://stellarconcepts.com.


Anthony Giudice, President


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Source by Anthony Giudice

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