Become a Millionaire Overnight Without Doing Anything?

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Are you the sort of person who could be attracted by a headline such as the one above? Do you really believe that it is possible to make that kind of money without any effort on your part? Of course you don’t because you are a sensible rational adult who know that in this life you get nothing for nothing.

So if you and I cannot be fooled by these sort of smoke and mirrors claims who are the millions of people who respond to headlines and sales letters with almost as outlandish claims every day? Guess what, it is people just like you and me.

Be honest have you never responded to some advertisement or sales letter that seems just too good to be true. I suspect like me you probably have and within a short time you have realised that what may have appeared a great idea on paper is simply is a load of old rubbish.

So what is it in all our natures that make us want to believe that there is some hidden secret of creating wealth from nothing? I suppose that it is the same reaction as when we buy a lottery ticket and just for a few minutes we imagine what life would be like should we win.

I think possibly it is the optimists that get suckered into these wild schemes because somewhere in the back of their brains they know that the plan almost certainly will not work, BUT.. it just might. Most people use the glass half full half empty image to define optimists and pessimists but I have another analogy. An optimist is some who when buys a lottery ticket EXPECTS to win, a pessimist KNOWS he is not going to win.

Quite frankly there has never been a better time for anyone to build themselves considerable wealth. It is possible to start with practically nothing and in a relatively short time build considerable wealth. A ex work colleagues have mine has a son you was going to go to further education and wanted to get some cash to pay for his time at university. He came up with a simple idea, got some press coverage and made over $1 million in a very short time. He was the guy who got the idea of selling 1 million pixels on his web site for $1 a time; you may have read about him.

The formula for how to become wealthy can be broken down into plan, effort result. You need a plan or idea, add dedication, effort and determination and this will equal wealth. If you take a plan or idea and add nothing that will always equal nothing.

Someone once told me that there is a name for having a goal but taking no action, it is called day dreaming.

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