How to Really Make Money Watching Commercials

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You've heard about websites that allow you to make money watching commercials. That sounds too easy to be true, does not it? After all, watching commercials is something we've done our entire lives and it really does not take any special skills, or does it?

The opportunity to make money watching commercials is a legitimate one. However, it's important to understand that it's not quite what you may be thinking it is. The watching commercials part will continue to be relatively easy. The making money part is going to take some work.

How permission marketing works

Permission marketing is a recent trend in advertising that makes all the opportunities where you get paid to be exposed to commercial messages possible. Permission marketing means advertisers have to ask first before they can blast you with their message. In order to get you to say yes, advertisers are willing to pay you some cash.

On a per ad viewed basis, though, the incentive is pretty pathetic. We're talking a penny or two for a thirty second ad. That does not even add up to $ 2.00 an hour.

So how do you really make money watching commercials?

Another thing about advertisers is they want as many people exposed to their ads as possible. There's a reason advertisers have paid millions for spots on the Superbowl. They know millions will be watching the game and those same millions will see their ad.

Advertisers are willing to pay you not only for viewing ads, but also for getting others to view the ads. When you invite five friends who each invite five friends down to four levels, you end up with a downline of 625 people. If you invited ten people who each invited ten people down to four levels, you have a downline of 10,000 people. Now we're talking serious cash. If each person views ten ads, those fractions of pennies per ad start adding up. Essentially, permission marketing has gotten married with network marketing to provide an opportunity for you to make money watching commercials.

How to make the most of the opportunity

The only way the opportunity to make money watching commercials will work well for you is if you recruit others into the opportunity. There are two ways to do this.

The first is to invite all your family and friends. Some people find this easy to do; others find it more difficult and awkward. When inviting people you know, take care to not spam anyone. Do not send out a mass email about the opportunity. Take the time to write a personal email or personally call each of your friends. Be upfront about your reason for writing or calling, briefly explain the opportunity and give them a call to action (check out the opportunity through your affiliate link) and a promise to follow up after they've had time to consider it.

If attempting to recruit your friends and family makes you squeamish (that's always been the icky part of network marketing, has not it?), You can still build your downline through Internet marketing. In many ways, Internet marketing is a better way to do it because rather than having to persuade people to sign up who have never even thought of it, you will be intercepting the people out there who are already looking for such an opportunity. You just have to let them know of the opportunity. You do this by targeting keywords they are likely to search under.

Internet marketing is not difficult to learn, and believe it or not, you can run an entire campaign without having to pay a dime. You need to learn how to do it, then you need to take action on what you've learned. Your opportunity to make money watching commercials should be free (if it's not, it could be a scam, so beware), which will remove one major barrier in convincing the people you encounter to join.

You absolutely can make money watching commercials once you build a solid downline of people doing the same. You can build your downline by recruiting people you know and / or through Internet marketing.

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