I/O Device Error Problem and the Simple Ways to Fix It

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The I/O Device Error appears when the computer is not responding effectively while reading or copying the data or installing software from CD to DVD drive. In more simple terms it occurs when your computer is not able to complete an input/output operation on the drive which you are accessing for transferring of the data or anything which you’re CD cannot use or recognize at all. But dealing with this error problem is not an insurmountable task as the following simple steps would ensure the rectification of the problem ultimately.

Check for a Defective Disc – First check for any defective disc in your PC, as the message is prompted if the CD disc in use is covered with dust particles which in turn pass it on to your CD drive and also check for any fingerprints on the drive, then clean the sides by wiping from inner parts to outer edges, insert the disc and try again.

Check for the Defective Drive in your PC, which you can make out when it is not able to read the disc inserted, but the CD is able to run on drives of other systems; and this requires cleaning up or repair of the drive.

Check for Incorrect Transfer Mode – One might be trying an incorrect transfer mode which in turn does not allow the removable drive to recognize the copy or transfer technique used by operating system and this requires immediate alteration of some of the IDE properties. To rectify this problem, go to ‘My Computer’, select “Manage” and select Device Manger from it. Check for the CD or DVD drive in the ATA/ATAPI list, select the particular drive (device 1) and opt for properties. Then go to “Advanced Setting” and select “Transfer Mode” in which choose “PIO only”. Then press OK while returning to the main screen and restart the system.

If even after this, the error is not rectified, go back to the drive properties again and choose “DMA if available” for device 1. For device 0, select “PIO only”. Close the windows and restart the computer.
Check for loose cables in your system by checking for wiring and connections of hard disk and the CD, and try removing and reconnecting them, and copying the files again.

Keep updating CD drivers always by downloading the latest CD drivers otherwise the operating system could not recognize them. After downloading, restart the computer, transfer some files and check for the presence of the error. To effectively deal with I/O device error, try downloading the updated files frequently released by Windows and the OSs to check for incompatibility problem.

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