Traffic Fines in South Africa a Joke?

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In South Africa outstanding traffic fines have become a major issue, the police are arresting people in random roadblocks all over the country. The Cops work to make a killing off of motorists and South African drivers by fining citizens as a simple way to create a much needed but dirty flow of cash from the citizens.

Many motorists feel these fines are invalid and should have never been alleged in the 1st place It doesn’t matter your guilt or innocence, the police are required to follow strict policies and guidelines when it comes to fining for traffic violations

Recently in the news media and in the news papers, the abuse of power has been highlighted. Mnet’s Carte‘ Blanche and SABC3 Special Assignment have done cover storeis uncovering the entire racket we are now witnessing. Are your traffic fines valid or, are they just an easy way for the police to buck the system and stick their hands in your pockets?

This is clearly an issue of money.

What makes a Fine Valid?

The police know how easy it is to win in court. Citizens rarely raise a fuss. So, they are quick to make mistakes.. Its an issue of Rands, not enforcing the traffic laws.

The Metro Police typically avoid this argument.

Here are things that MUST be considered when validating a Traffic Fine:

– Checking that the fines don’t have irregularities before sending them.
– Using faulty or un-calibrated speed measuring equipment.
– Tampering with photographic evidence to make you look guilty.
– Not keeping or logging information required for prosecution when issuing fines.

Before paying any outstanding traffic violations, these are just some of the hundreds of issues you must consider.

Don’t pay for fines you don’t deserve. Did you know that irregularities like those listed above would likely cause your case to be thrown out of court? Don’t make the police’s job easy.

It is reported that around 80% -90% of traffic fines issued in South Africa when speed measuring devices are used have some form of irregularities found on them. This is shocking and disturbing and should not be overlooked.

Note that none of the above irregularities listed stop the Metro Police from sending you a notice of infringement AARTO traffic fine.

Unfortunately, the issues we are talking about here are rarely overseen or closely regulated. Once you’ve admitted to a fine, you would not be able to claim a refund if the courts ruled that your traffic fines issued were invalid.

{Is there any real justice?|Where is the justice in that?|When will we see justice? I hope you will take a stand and become informed. Join forums and subscribe to newsletters that educate about our rights.

Learn all you would ever need to know about getting your traffic fines dropped. It is entirely ethical and legal.

Don’t pay for invalid fines. Learn your rights! Be aware of the law.

Visit my website for more South African Traffic Fine Secrets.

Tell us your view?

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